"While there are obvious budget restraints in effect here, the characters' emotional arcs and the screenwriting by director/writer Rob Smat save the film."

D Magazine - Fort Worth Filmmaker Tackles Heart Health

"As a first-time director just out of film school in Los Angeles, Rob Smat knew he needed plenty of teammates to get his Texas football movie to the end zone."

"Brad Leland scores as a Texas high school football coach who pushes his players too far in Rob Smat’s indie drama."

Variety (REVIEW)

"[Brad Leland is] perfectly cast as the most overbearingly demanding Texas high school football coach to appear on screen since Jon Voight."

"While there are obvious budget restraints in effect here, the characters' emotional arcs and the screenwriting by director/writer Rob Smat save the film."

Common Sense Media (REVIEW)

Good Morning LA LA Land - Jim O'Heir Video

"What drew me to the film was the script. It was a great movie."

LA Sentinel (REVIEW)

“The Last Whistle is labor of love, and a touching one at that. Even moving me close to tears by the end. Director Rob Smat made it clear that he wanted to stray away from other sports medicine films like the recent “Concussion,” and stated that getting the science right was paramount for he and his team, to really grasp the authenticity of an utterly misfortunate circumstance."

Texas Techsan - Brad Leland, Meant to be a Thespian

"Brad is...what my dad would call 'good people'." -Kyle Chandler

Link Exclusive to Texas Tech Alumni Association

Fort Worth Star Telegram - Tommy's Stars in Local Film

Smat filmed the movie in his hometown, and paid homage to the places where he used to hang out after football practice.

FWBP - Twelve Mighty Orphans Coming Soon

"Another football movie, The Last Whistle, shot in Fort Worth last year."

HMD Films - Podcast

Rob Smat talks his record-setting AMA and all things film with Zach Gross and the HMD Films team.

All Things Interesting - Podcast

Rob Smat talks his record-setting AMA with Tesher Cohen.

Cinematic Sound - Podcast

Logan Austin talks about the film, how he scored it, and his future career ambitions.

Film Threat (REVIEW)

"His actors deliver mighty performances. Les Miles playing the barroom instigator, Billy, is good, and it’s a lot of fun to see Coach Miles in that role."

Law and Disorderly - Podcast

Interview with Becky Nitshcke.

Indie Film Place - Podcast

Interview with Rob Smat.

America JR - Movies Coming June 28th

Movie Monday

Making Movies is Hard - Podcast

"You sound measured, calculated, about making this movie."

Lubbock Journal - Lubbock Native Tackles SCA in new Movie

“It will help prevent a lot of deaths in sports,” said Leland. “This is out there and maybe there’s something we can do to help prevent it next time, but any time a kid who’s just trying to play has that happen, it’s a sad thing.”

Cook Children's - New Film Tackles SCA

"Suddenly a player collapses on the field. This is a plot point in a movie, but it's also based on fact."

Patheos - Young Catholic Filmmaker's Debut

"I was shocked at how effective a good script with meaty roles could be. It’s apparently rarer than I thought in our industry."

Cleburne Times - Burleson HS Alum Works FW Movie

"Working behind the camera on a movie set is something Burleson’s Paulina Borowski has always wanted to do."

KU Sports - Acting was Passing Fancy for Les Miles

“I have never wore a sleeveless shirt in my life,” Miles said before he had to pause to laugh. “They tore the shirt off so that I could have my arms exposed. Well, let me just tell you this: it’s not much to see. It’s not that big a deal.”

FW Weekly - Whistle While You Work

"Rob Smat shot a large chunk of The Last Whistle here in town, perhaps maybe where you’re reading this right now."

MG - The Next Friday Night Lights?

"It's like if Friday Night Lights was a Western."

"Bringing Les into this movie was a pretty exciting journey, and all started with how we wanted to have a grassroots approach to our audience...We wanted folks to trust that we weren't doing another film like Concussion, which would make football seem like a scary sport."

KC Star - Director Rob Smat Talks Casting Les Miles

"I think Buddy (Garrity) always wanted to be a coach."

The Midday 180 - Brad Leland talks The Last Whistle, and five seasons of Friday Night Lights

WBAP Radio - Pat Green's Original Song

"They'll play this song at high school football games forever."

"The trailer looks pretty intense, something that anyone who's played football in Texas can relate to."

Radio Texas Live - HEAR NOW: Pat Green on The Last Whistle Soundtrack

Saturday Down South - Les Miles Shares Trailer for New Movie

"One final opportunity to catch the Mad Hatter on the big screen."

Awful Announcing - Interview with Last Whistle Director Rob Smat

"I noticed that there was a real lack of football content getting made in the past couple of years."

"D" Magazine - Best of Fests Packs 22 Festivals Under One Roof

"I don’t think you can watch that movie, unless you’re the toughest of cookies, without feeling something."

FWTX Magazine - Hometown Filmmakers Return, Roundtable

Candid Thoughts on the Fort Worth Film Scene

Awful Announcing - Les Miles Has a Major Role

"Les brought a degree of realism to this film not only with his performance, but also with his counsel"

Saturday Down South - Les Miles the Actor?

Fromer coach has a key role in "The Last Whistle"

Fox Sports Southwest - FIRST FOOTAGE

Star Brad Leland to appear during national broadcast of Fox Sports' TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL DAYS.

FWBP - Fort Worth Native Leverages City

A Fort Worth native, Rob Smat has returned. His cast and crew, both from near and afar, have risen to the challenge.

HOLLAND - Lone Star Film Festival Announces Lineup

LSFF launches with the highly anticipated The Last Whistle headlining.

WFAA - Football Movie Films in Fort Worth

Texas football, California film graduates, and a potentially life-saving story.

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Alex Ferrari digs into the Last Whistle business plan, and how director Rob Smat planned to reach audiences.


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